Realizing Principles through Propriety: Cultivating a Humanistic Character


“By practicing propriety, we return to our pure nature.”

Throughout the universe, the planets and stars follow their orbits in accord with true principles. 

In this natural cycle of things, there is a state of peace and harmony.

It is the same for human life. In life, if we can internalize the principles of propriety, we are abiding by the true principles. 

Those who live in line with the principles attain harmony in their daily lives and can help their family, society, and the world thrive with virtue.




Unifying Practices with Principles


Part 1
On Propriety and Principles

Chapter 1
Following the Principles of Nature

  • Reverence for Nature Brings Harmony
  • Resting in Utmost Goodness

Chapter 2
Order and Harmony

  • Living a Harmonious Life
  • Practicing the Six Points of Reverent Harmony for
  • Peace

Part 2
On Propriety and Precepts

Chapter 3
Rules and Procedures

  • Building a Perfect Character
  • Guarding against Wrongs
  • Precepts for Modern Society
  • Cultivating Virtues and Acting with Propriety
  • Unity in Our Mindset and Actions

Chapter 4
Refinement in Manner

  • Walking, Standing, Sitting, and Lying Down with
  • Dignity
  • Dignity in Dress and Elegance in Character
  • Dining Etiquette as an Art of Living
  • Receiving Food Gratefully and Practicing Diligently
  • Protecting Lives with a Vegetarian Diet
  • Cleanliness at Home and in the Workplace
  • The Beauty of Humanistic Culture

Part 3
On Propriety and Moral Integrity

Chapter 5
Going Among People

  • Following Family Ethics and Rules
  • Respecting Our Elders and Loving Our Juniors
  • Being Upright in Our Conduct
  • A Cycle of Good Thoughts

Chapter 6
Rules and Systems

  • Organizing with Precepts and Managing with Love
  • Following the Dharma and the Law, Following the
  • Principles
  • A Perfect Translucent Sphere of Crystal
  • The 4-in-1 Volunteer Team Structure
  • Working in Concert with Unity, Harmony, and Love
  • Passing on the Dharma-Lineage

Part 4
On Propriety and Traditions

Chapter 7
Simple and Wholesome Traditions

  • Encouraging Good Deeds and Creating Blessings
  • Expressing Gratitude to Our Ancestors
  • Bringing Warmth and Flavor to the Dragon Boat
  • Festival
  • Minds as Bright as the Moon
  • Making Great Vows at Graduation Ceremonies
  • Simplifying Weddings to Place Importance on Good
  • Deeds
  • Peace at the Final Stage of Life
  • Awakening Our Buddha-Nature

Chapter 8
Honest and Kind Virtues Among People

  • Imparting Propriety and Instilling Virtue
  • Life Education from Childhood
  • Passing on a Legacy of Propriety
  • Beginning Childhood Education with Propriety
  • Guiding Others Back to the Right Path
  • Diligently Training to Be Bodhisattvas
  • Enriching Our Minds and Lives with Propriety and
  • Love