Tzu Chi Monthly July 2019

WORDS FROM MASTER CHENG YEN Transforming Lives, Creating Blessings:In the past, whenever I thought of Africa, my heart would ache. So many people there endured suffering for one reason or another, but they could not get the help they badly needed. But now, with many living bodhisattvas going out among the needy there, I have faith that change will come. I believe that these living bodhisattvas will bring blessings to the needy, just like a tree with dense foliage provides cool shade to whoever needs it.[2019/8/16 upload]

Transforming Lives, Creating Blessings

Let each of us harbor a heart of sincere piety and do our best to create blessings for the world.

Half a Century of Tzu Chi Work in Taitung

Typhoon Nora hit Taitung in 1973, which led to the most challenging relief operation Tzu Chi had undertaken since its founding. After that, the number of volunteers in Taitung gradually increased, and more and more local needy people were able to receive care from Tzu Chi.

Five Generations With Tzu Chi

From grandma down to grandchildren, their whole family have kept close ties with Tzu Chi. The author, a member of the family, believes this is a result of the good karma they have accumulated over several lives.

A Glimmer of Light

After Cyclone Idai struck the African country of Mozambique, Tzu Chi volunteers from several countries traveled there to care for the survivors.

Survival Challenges for Orphans in Sierra Leone

Many children in this poor country have lost their parents to natural disasters and a major Ebola virus epidemic. It is uncertain if these youngsters will survive to adulthood.

Tibetan Herdsmen in the Snow

After an especially severe winter brought a record amount of snowfall to Yushu Prefecture, China, Tzu Chi brought aid to herdsmen.

Fight Smart

When parents fight, it can be traumatic for their kids. There are ways to minimize the damage.

The Illustrated Jing Si Aphorisms

Desire means thinking about getting something. When people worry about getting something, they really suffer a lot.

Giving Her All

She not only gives money away. She contributes her time and energy too.

Tzu Chi Events Around the World

Tzu Chi briefs from all over.

Directory of Tzu Chi Offices Worldwide

Phone and fax numbers of Tzu Chi offices worldwide.